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I just read your PHP Programming for Internet Marketers book today. It was great. I wish I had it when I started learning PHP
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I really liked your course, especially the tutorial you made at the end where you showed how to create links with keywords in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Thanks Amigo
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Dear John: I am very impressed with this. It’s so rare for people to follow-up or care if you’re happy with their program. Thanks! Regards,
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Thanks, John. This is very helpful info. Thanks for taking the time to check it out for me. Your idea of placing the bottom page links is great. Thanks for saving me a ton of hassle! All My Best,
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Hi love your course it is helping me alot i am only 15 and i have a web site out there and it is doing fairly well thanks alot!!!!!!
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Hi John, believe me, I have read up on just about all the “big internet people” and despite their incomes, I haven’t been too impressed with them. You really come across as wanting to help people be successful, and therefore you show people constructively...
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John Thanks allot for holding my hand through this! I am an animator not a web designer. Hope I did this right!
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