Kindle Fandom: How To Build A Following

Course: 3 Hours 55 Minutes
Length: 15 Videos
Price: $39
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“…because simply publishing your Kindle book is not enough…”

Imagine this…you’ve just finished writing your latest Kindle book. You upload it to Amazon and wait for the first sale, but nothing happens…

You wait a day, then another… nothing.

It’s a very common tale for independent authors.

Now imagine this…you finish your latest book, upload it to Amazon, then fire up your email autoresponder and shoot out a quick message to your list of 10,000 raving fans who have subscribed to hear updates. 8% of them click the link and buy your new book for $9.95.

In just a few minutes you’ve made over $5,000 in royalties doing nothing more than sending a quick email to your list… and then you move onto your Facebook fans, and your Twitter followers and repeat the whole thing…

Welcome To Kindle Fandom!

The independent authors who are making a killing on Amazon all have one thing in common. They all cultivate and build an online platform for their fans OUTSIDE of amazon. A platform that THEY control.

I’m talking about a Blog, an Email list, a Newsletter, a Facebook fanpage, a Twitter account, a Members-only Fanclub, and more…

It’s All About The Platform…

Building your fan platform is the single most important step in making a fortune publishing books on Amazon, but most authors don’t have a clue how to do it.

In this course I’ll take you by the hand and SHOW you how to build your own fan platform. You’ll watch me build an author blog, email list and newsletter, Facebook and Twitter presence, and a special members-only fanclub that your readers can sign up for that allows them special access to members only content on your blog.

Then I’ll show you how to funnel your readers into your platform from your books, so that you can continue to sell them your new books…forever!

You’ll learn…

  • How To Create Your Own Blog
  • How To Register A Domain Name (
  • What Your Domain Name Should Be! (pick carefully!)
  • How To Set Up Webhosting For Less Than $10 a Month
  • How To Set Up WordPress
  • How To Pick a WordPress Theme and Add It To Your Site
  • Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing
  • How To Set Up An AutoResponder List
  • Which Email List Company To Use
  • How To Add a Subscription Form To Your Blog
  • How To Set Up A Membership Section Of Your Site
  • Why A Members-Only FanClub Is So Important
  • Getting Started With Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter
  • How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Website
  • How To Use Amazon’s KDP Select Program To Populate Your Fan Platform
  • And Much Much More…

This is a “look over my shoulder” courses where I’ll actually build each of these things right in front of you. You’ll follow along – watching each of the 15 videos (almost 4 hours total) at your own pace and simply copy what I do.

And of course, like all the classes here at you can ask questions and get hands on help building your own Fan Platform along the way.

So how much would you expect to pay for a program that teaches you how to build a platform that could lead to thousands of dollars in instant sales of your Kindle books?

$1,999? Nope…

$499? Nope!

Order today and pay just $39. But act soon, I don’t know how long that price will stay so low…

Just $39

PS….Don’t forget our 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course for ANY reason within 30 days, just let us know and we’ll refund your money 100%. That’s our no-hassle, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. Order now!