Propel Membership Website System

Course: 12 Videos
Length: 3 Hours & 15 Minutes
Price: $39
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Membership sites are on fire right now. People are making truckloads of money off them, and you’d be amazed just how quickly, cheaply, and easily you can build your own membership website.

Introducing The Propel Membership Website System!

In this new video course you’ll watch me build an actual membership website right before your eyes using nothing but a webhosting account that costs less than $10 a month, paypal, and a handful of free wordpress themes and plugins that anyone can use.

In the last few years I’ve built nearly a dozen membership websites in nearly a dozen different niches. It’s really pretty easy and people love joining them!

What makes membership sites so appealing?

Let’s face it…”Belonging” is a strong human motivator. Sure everyone wants to fit in, to belong…but if you can make a person feel like they’re getting something special, something unique, something that not everyone can have…you can really strike gold.

And that’s one of the reasons why Membership sites have the potential to drive in such huge piles of money…

…but only if you do it right.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How To Start A WordPress Blog
  • Installing a Free or Paid Theme and Adding Posts and Pages
  • Installing the Membership Site Plugin *it’s free!* to Handle Adding New Members
  • Integrating Paypal Order Processing into your membership site
  • Keeping Restricted Content Off the Home Page
  • Adding Content To Your Membership Site
  • Tinkering with the PHP of your theme
  • Adding Videos To Your Membership Site
  • Creating an Internal Navigation System For Your Membership Content
  • Hiding Your Internal Navigation From Un-Registered Users
  • Adding a Sophisticated Login Sidebar
  • Adding a “Profile Page” for your members
  • Hiding Your Sidebar Menu with PHP – Two Methods
  • Building Your Member Dashboard
  • And More…

You’ll literally watch “over my shoulder” as I build an SEO Membership Website from start to finish, then just do what I do! Watch me set up the site, install wordpress, add my theme, add the membership plugin, tinker with things to get it right, add content, create internal navigation, create member profile pages and dashboards…basically everything you need to start your own membership site!

Like all our courses here at, it’s not just videos. You’ll also get Hands-On Help from me and the other members who are taking the course. You can post questions and get answers every step of the way. Interactivity is a big part of what we offer at

Since these videos are hosted here at site…you know they’re HIGH quality. These aren’t some quickly thrown together, grainy youtube videos. These are crystal clear mp4 videos hosted by us and professionally produced and edited.

So What Will This 12-Video; Over 3-hour Course Cost You?

Just $39

PS….Don’t forget our 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course for ANY reason within 30 days, just let us know and we’ll refund your money 100%. That’s our no-hassle, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. Order now!